17 Funny & Effective Reasons Why Your Elf On The Shelf Didn’t Move

17 Funny & Effective Reasons Why Your Elf On The Shelf Didn’t Movefeatured



If you have small kids you are most likely familiar with the “Elf on the Shelf”.  If not, let me tell you.  He/she is a mischevious  and not very cute little elf that shows up at your home, the morning after Thanksgiving.  He/she is usually in a not so easy to see location, and has a very important job!  (The only rule is no one can touch the elf or he/she loses his magic.)


These little elves are responsible for telling Santa who is being naughty or nice. (It’s like Santa has his own CIA)  So, every night your elf comes to life after the kids are asleep and flies home to report to Santa.  He/she always makes it back before anyone wakes up and is ALWAYS staked out in a new spot.


So, what happens when your child wakes up and races to see what new and creative location their elf is in only to see their personal “Santa’s little helper” is in the SAME SPOT!


This is exactly what happened to us this year, on the SECOND day that our elf’s seasonal duties began.  There is nothing worse than laying in bed and waking up to your precious kiddos begging you for permission to go downstairs and find the elf, only to realize what is about to happen.  This year was even more of a big deal because my daughter had specifically asked Daffodil (our elf) to hide in a “really hard spot”.

Well, despite feelings of guilt, this is not an epic parent fail.

 Here’s a list of 17 excuses why your elf was slacking on the job last night.  


  • He must be stuck! I bet he’s waiting for the Elf rescue squad to come help him out.
  • Maybe he accidentally pooped a marshmallow and is too embarrassed to go home?
  • I bet the cat/dog/pet scared him!
  • Oh, he’s just taking a little elf personal day.
  • I heard the flu is going around at the North Pole.  I bet he’s staying here so he doesn’t get sick.




  • Santa has all the elves working remotely some nights to keep the elf air traffic from getting over-crowded.
  • He’ll probably pick this spot a lot since it’s the best place for watching you.
  • He probably fell asleep and forgot to fly home, don’t worry I’m sure he sent Santa an e-mail.
  • Santa must have told him to stay here since there is a HUGE blizzard at the North Pole right now!
  • Probably had too much syrup in his coffee and got a tummy ache.



  • Maybe he’s got sore muscles from doing all that elf yoga.
  • I heard Santa gives all the elves the weekends off.  That must be it.
  • He loves you so much he decided to use his elf magic to send you sweet dreams instead of fly home.
  • He ran out of fairy dust to help him fly and is waiting for Tinkerbelle to make a special delivery.
  • Ate too many sweets and needed to be close to the bathroom, just in case.
  • I bet he was SO exhausted from watching you crazy munchkins he didn’t have any energy to fly home!




Last, but not least, is how our incident was handled.  Lucky for us, my daughter knew exactly why our elf didn’t move and explained it all to me as I came down the stairs that morning wracking my brain trying to decide what to tell them.  Here is what she said. (She’s 9 and still believes which makes my heart so happy.)

“Mom, I think I know why Daffodil didn’t move last night.  I told her to hide in a super hard spot and I bet she thought she was tricking me and didn’t think I’d see her if she stayed in the same spot.”

Phew, sometimes these things work themselves out beautifully.




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