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Hey, Everyone!  My name is Elizabeth and I’ve started this blog because I have a huge appreciation for simple living and I love to share tips and inspirations with others who are interested in beginning their journey to simple living.

Life gets messy and complicated, I know that.  I also know that modern-day life has given us many quick conveniences to ease day-to-day stress.  We have lost so much of the simple living lifestyle because of our “need” for convenience.  Do you ever feel like that?

There is something I love SO much about cooking a meal from scratch, with vegetables from the garden or from supporting a local farm.  It’s a feeling of accomplishment that we gain from growing food and preparing a meal.  These are very true and very necessary skills.

Along with gardening and home cooking, it’s little things like hand washing dishes, line drying clothes, and raising animals that can really bring us back to our roots. They keep us connected with times past and with nature. These little things give us confidence because we are truly doing things for ourselves, and teaching these life skills to future generations!  All these skills make us, and the environment, stronger, healthier and more sustainable.

If you are someone who desires a more simple way of living, follow along with me.  I’d like to be that friend that you call up and can ask questions about starting a small garden or how to start eliminating processed foods.  How to rid your house of unnecessary chemicals or to chat about how awesome it would be to have a real homestead!  I’m here for you!



Like my tag line says, “Living a simple life in a not so simple world.”  It is my mission to help you achieve this. I will share with you all of the things I’ve learned and am still learning, to help you make it through this crazy fast paced life.  All the while, still remembering to carry on some of those skills and mindsets from what our grandparents knew as everyday life.  I feel like there is a lot we can learn and appreciate from those days.  I aim to bring back those amazing ways of life and find a balance between simple living and modern living.

I really questioned myself when I chose the name Simple Life Dreamer for the blog because the type of simple I’m talking about doesn’t often mean easy.  It’s simple in the sense that it’s the way life was before technology entered the picture.  (I’m not dissing technology, how hypocritical would that be, am I right?) Back to a time when  everyone knew where their food came from, since it most likely grew in their garden or neighbors garden.  Times when more things were homemade.  Everything from cleaning supplies to a birthday gift would have been made at home without a question.   People fixed things and mended things instead of so many things being, or being treated as, disposable.

I am not perfect, nor do I try to be.  I have my days when I get overwhelmed and just wished my dang dishwasher worked.  I don’t cook every meal from scratch because I do work out of the house in the evenings part-time. Yes, I do use my clothes dryer. Just not for every load of laundry.  The reason I’m telling you this is because another important thing to me, that I love sharing with people, is having balance.  It’s not my grandmother’s era, and life moves fast right now. Keeping up is pretty important. But balancing modern life with simple life can be done. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing and I will use the blog to show you tips and strategies for achieving YOUR perfect balance.



I  dream of someday having a home on a big enough piece of property for my kids to run, play and explore freely like my parents did when they were kids. To also have chickens for fresh eggs (I already have their names picked out, but that’s a secret) and maybe even goats.  The part I’d be most excited for would be a big fenced-in vegetable garden! I could go on and on, I have a whole dreamy vision of simple, peaceful living. Of course, then reality hits me in the head and here I am.

The reality is that when my husband and I were just married, we bought a townhouse in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It was brand new and perfect! It felt like a mansion compared to our one bedroom apartment! That was in 2006 right before the market tanked. So 10+ years,  two kiddos and two cats later we are more than ready to have a “for real” yard and a lot more privacy.

The problem is that, financially, the stars have not yet aligned for us to take that next step, but that doesn’t mean simple living can’t exist just because I don’t have a cute, private farmhouse (not yet anyway!) I’m constantly exploring new things to incorporate around my home and in my life, from gardening in containers on my patio to green cleaning strategies, cooking and baking from scratch, plus canning and preserving food. I also have implemented quite a few frugal living strategies to keep us on track financially.

There is something I must mention.  One huge proponent of simple living is appreciating what one has.  I appreciate our home.  It may not be our dream home now, but it is our home.  We have a roof over our heads with warm beds and full bellies.  My kids are happy and loved. We are truly blessed.  I have goals and dreams that I’m striving for, but I will always be grateful for the things we already have.

So, like I said before, my goals for this blog are to share with you all the things I’ve learned and continue to learn and to help inspire and educate those of you who have simple life dreams just like me!