Crazy Good Jalepeno Cheese Burgers

Crazy Good Jalepeno Cheese Burgersfeatured


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What’s for dinner tonight?  Well, for us it was these super yummy ( and easy) jalepeño cheeseburgers.  I will be honest, we had a bit of a chaotic weekend, and we weren’t really in the mood to cook anything very in-depth.  Many times when this happens, we run to our freezer and pull out some hamburger.

We get our beef in bulk from a local farmer, usually a quarter of a cow at a time, so meat is almost always in our chest freezer.  We are definitely beef eaters at my house (we eat plenty of poultry and pork as well).  My husband would probably claim that he physically can not function without enough meat consumption.

I am pretty particular about the meat we eat, though.  So, I am happiest if I know exactly where it came from.  Luckily for us, with beef, we know exactly how the animal was raised, fed and processed.  Buying beef in bulk is also very cost-effective!

So, yesterday we came home from a pretty rough camping trip.  It started with putting up a tent in down pouring rain and was cut short by the swarms of blood sucking mosquitos that were relentless.  We came home a day early itchy, tired, and most of us still with wet shoes.  Before I went to bed I managed to pull out 2 pounds of ground beef from our chest freezer to thaw in the fridge overnight.  I wasn’t sure what I’d make with it, but it cooks up so quick for tacos, burgers, spaghetti, or chili, and I had a feeling a “quick” meal was what we’d be in the mood for.

So, today, once we decided on burgers, hubby went out to get the coals started in our Weber grill.  We grill a LOT here in the warm months.  I love it because hubs is the grill master at our house, so less work for me. Plus, no pans or bakeware to wash (that’s my favorite part).  While he was out doing that, I was rummaging around in my fridge and saw three jalepeño peppers hanging out, all by themselves, in a crisper drawer.  They were from this week’s CSA share (So, much great info on Community Supported Agriculture HERE) I HATE to waste food, and they needed to be eaten, so I decided we were spicing up our burgers tonight!

Here is how I made our Jalepeño Cheese Burgers…

  • First, make your burger patties. Add salt and/or pepper if you like.  I don’t season ours because high-quality ground beef has an amazing flavor all on its own.


  • Next, slice up your jalepeños. For maximum heat, leave the seeds in.  Remove the seeds for a more mild spice.005peps
  • Then, slice your cheese.  Our preferred cheese is marble jack.  I buy the 2-pound blocks from Costco and we slice it or shred it ourselves for most of our cheese needs. For block cheese, Costco is by far the cheapest I’ve seen.  011cheese
  • Once the grill is hot, get your burgers cooking. 003burger
  • When the burgers are completely cooked on both sides, add the peppers and cheese. Once the cheese is melted, your delicious burgers are ready!PicMonkey Collageburgs


This is how our burgers turned out.023b

I sliced up a couple of tomatoes from my garden, cooked up some CSA sweet corn, added some fruit salad (the orange melon is called Ananas Melon, it’s in the cantaloupe family and also came in our CSA) plus some raw veggies and dinner was served. I would have loved sliced avocado and onions on my burger too, but sadly I did not have any. I decided a little blob of mayo would do the trick and it was pretty darn fantastic!030food

Hubby really liked his burger and had to take this picture of how the cheese melted so perfectly around and through the pepper. (He put BBQ sauce on his, so weird.)032burg

So, what toppings do you like to put on burgers? The possibilities are endless.  I think you could do this with almost any type of pepper, especially if you don’t like spice.  Plus, peppers are really simple to grow in pots on your patio!

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