CSA Week Five, The Sweet Corn is Here!!

CSA Week Five, The Sweet Corn is Here!!featured


Well folks, It’s Monday and at my house it’s CSA Veggie day!  My husband picked up our box on his way home from work today and this is what we got!  

  • Six ears of sweet corn
  • Three giant fresh onions
  • Two cucumbers
  • Two zucchini squash
  • Red Lettuce
  • Green Beans
  • Wax Beans
  • Four pickling cucumbers

Now what I typically do is plan my meals around these veggies.  (This week is a little different since we will be gone camping Wednesday afternoon until Friday Morning.)  I’m sure some of the beans will end up blanched and frozen, because there are a TON.  The cucumbers are a no brainer, we just slice them and eat them.  I whipped up some lemon chicken salad tonight, which uses some of the onion, and we either eat that on sliced cucumbers, sliced zucchini, or on the red lettuce.  I’ll post the recipe for that soon. It’s a good one! (It’s here!)   Great for snacks or lunch. Fresh onions don’t last as long as cured ones, so If we don’t get throught them this week, I’ll chop them and freeze them to use later for soups, chilli, or omelets.  The corn can be a side dish to almost anything in my book.  We might even just eat it for lunch tomorrow! That would make my kids super happy 🙂  What are you all doing with your fresh produce?

Happy eating!!   -Elizabeth

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