Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts: Children’s Book Review

Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts: Children’s Book Reviewfeatured

Do you love to read with your kids? My daughter is nine now and does most of her reading independently, but she still loves to sit and listen to a good book before bed.

My son, who is six, was a struggle as a toddler and young pre-schooler.  He had “better” things to do than sit and listen to us read.  We used to let him play with his legos or other manipulatives while we read as long as he was quiet. Now that he’s older, he curls up next to me and is very engaged in story time.

When Janet approached me about reviewing her new children’s book, “Margarita and the Beautiful Gifts” I was over the moon!  It’s so fun to test out books on my kids and see what they think of them. (Just so you know, I received this book for free, but all opinions are my own. 🙂  Thanks, Janet!)


Everyone knows how important reading with your kids is, and if you have more than one child, you probably know how hard it can be for everyone to agree on the bedtime story (UGH right?!) Well, all I said to my kiddos about this book is that it was about ducks and boom, they were all ears.  I think all kids just seriously love animals.

They also loved the fact that this story is based on actual events! The author, Janet Garman lives on Timber Creek Farm and all the cute characters in her story are real.  She is also a fellow blogger.  She wrote a wonderful post explaining how she developed this story and also introduces us to all the actual farm animals you will meet in this sweet book.  Check that all out HERE.

So, the kids and I cuddled up the other night and got ready to read.

The first thing I noticed is that the author includes many fun duck facts throughout the story.


These little tidbits were very interesting! We have LOTS of mallards that hang out in a nearby pond.  My daughter was instantly concerned about our wild ducks needing treats from us.  I thought that was so darn cute,  “But I’m not going to feed them dried grubs, mom, that’s gross!”

The Illustrations, by Jacqui Papi Shreve, are just beautiful.  I love the simplicity of all the art in this book.  The focus is definitely on the story and the images add a beautiful visual to it.


The story itself is sweet and simple.  Two ducks are adopted by a farmer.  The female duck named, Margarita, wants to thank the farmer the only way she can, by giving her more ducks! In the process of telling the story, we learn quite a bit about how ducks hatch their young.

There is a twist in the story when two of Margarita’s eggs go missing.  All the farm animals work together to find the missing eggs, but in the end, only the farmer can help solve the mystery.

When we finished the book, I asked my kids (Like I almost always do with a new book), “What was your favorite part?”  They both agreed and said that their favorite part was, “The whole thing.” 🙂


I honestly would say that this book is great for all ages.  The recommended ages are 1-8, but my 9-year-old loved it too.  I could picture large families with kids of all ages, cuddled up together and everyone enjoying this cute story.

Janet’s book is paperback.  It is 31 pages long and is available from Amazon.

I hope you and your littles enjoy this book as much as we did.

Happy reading!



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