How To Make Natural & Thrifty Foaming Hand Soap

How To Make Natural & Thrifty Foaming Hand Soapfeatured



Have you ever felt like you go through GOBS of hand soap?!  If you have kids I know your answer has to be yes.  I used to buy the giant gallon refills of the liquid soap and it would seem to disappear as soon as I would put it under the bathroom sink.  

I also started taking a very serious interest in removing the chemicals in my home.  I switched to green cleaning and  changed a lot of our personal care products, including hand soap. One thing I learned is all natural hand soap is PRICEY, but it is important to me to stay away from unnecessary chemicals. 

DSCN0855There is a lot of  information out now about how “antibacterial”  hand soap can cause more harm than good.  Think about it.  If it’s killing the bad bacteria on your hands it’s pretty likely to absorb into your skin and kill the good bacteria that’s inside your body!  All that good bacteria that’s doing the hard job of keeping us healthy.

 In fact, the antibacterial ingredient Triclosan, most common in hand soaps, has officially been banned here in Minnesota and will be off all the shelves by 2017!  Yay Minnesota!

 One more interesting fact, in order for triclosan to even take effect, it has to be on your skin for two full minutes. Ain’t NOBODY got time for that!!  The CDC recommends washing your hands with plain soap and water for 20 seconds.  That I can do!!

 So, here I have a super quick, super simple and natural solution to the hand soap battle at a WAY better deal than the pricey store bought stuff.  Good for you, your family, the environment and your wallet.

You will need two ingredients:

  • 1 oz.  Liquid castile soap, I like Dr. Bronners and I typically get mine when it goes on sale at Target.  Amazon
    has a bunch too.  
  • 9 oz. Water


You will also need a 10 oz. foaming soap dispenser. You can get really awesome glass ones off of Amazon. The one I’m using now I bought with hand  soap in it and have just been refilling it. My bottle of Castile soap is DSCN085132 oz and cost me roughly $16. That will make me 32 refills at $0.50 a piece.  I originally paid $3.99 for the 10 oz. Mrs. Meyers brand that I am now refilling. Pretty good savings!!

So mix the castile soap and water together in your dispenser and screw on the lid.  Give it a swirl to mix it together and you’re done!

 Happy hand washing!



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