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If you don’t already know this about me I am a documentary junkie.  I reference them SO much in my posts that I’ve decided to create a page dedicated to all the amazing films I’ve watched and also for books I’ve read.  This page provides easy access to film trailers and info for documentaries with its viewing options, plus links to learn more or purchase books I recommend.



SUSTAINABLE – (2017) Official description “A vital investigation of the economic and environmental instability of America’s food system, from the agricultural issues we face – soil loss, water depletion, climate change, pesticide use – to the community of leaders who are determined to fix it. Sustainable is a film about the land, the people who work it, and what must be done to sustain it for future generations.”

-For me personally, this movie really inspired me to support local organic farmers as MUCH as possible, to better our health and the planet.

Official website with trailer  Available on Netflix and Amazon (Sustainable)

THAT SUGAR FILM – (2015) I really learned a lot from this film!  It’s true how uninformed many of us are on the TRUE effects of sugar on our bodies.  Watch Damon’s experiment and see what is REALLY happening.

Official Website / Trailer  Available to stream free with Amazon Prime  (Or rent from Amazon – That Sugar Film)

FED UP -(2014)  This film’s focus is primarily on sugar and it’s detrimental effect on our kids.  It also has eye opening info on our school lunch programs. I re-watch this one all the time!

Official Website / Trailer  Available to stream on Netflix and Amazon (Amazon link – Fed Up)

FOOD INC. -(2010) The movie that started it all for me.  “The truth about your food.” Behind the scenes of the food industry.

Trailer  Available to stream on Netflix

JUST EAT IT – (2014) A food waste story. Follow a couple during their 6-month challenge to only eat food that would otherwise be tossed. (Not as gross as it sounds!)

Official Website / Trailer  Available with Amazon Prime or Amazon Instant Video Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

COOKED – (2016) Netflix original. Three part series based on the book by Michael Pollen. Watch Michael as he “Explores how cooking transforms food and shapes our world.”  So many great topics which include the history of some cultures and cooking.

Trailer  Available exclusively on Netflix

GMO OMG – (2013) A father with young children on a quest to learn all the facts about genetically modified organisms in our food.

Official Website / Trailer  Available on Netflix and to rent or purchase on Amazon GMO OMG

FAT, SICK, & NEARLY DEAD – (2010) Watch how Joe Cross cures his autoimmune disease on a 60-day diet of only fresh juiced veggies and fruits. (Love his mean green juice!)

Official Website / Trailer  Available on HULU and Netflix

FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD 2 – (2014) A follow-up to the original.

Trailer  Available on Netflix

HUNGRY FOR CHANGE – (2012) Exposes all the secrets that the diet and food industry don’t want you to know.

Official Website and Trailer  Available on Netflix and Amazon Hungry for Change

THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES – (2017)  This is a big one.  It’s a 7 part series on a pretty controversial topic.  I’m a huge fan of being informed on all topics that affect my family’s health and wellness.  Sadly you cannot always get the whole truth from your doctor especially if you don’t know what questions to ask them. Do your research, ask questions, & make educated decisions.  I found this extremely informative and exposed me to so much that I wish I had known a long time ago.

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