How to put money back in your pocket AND have amazing style.

How to put money back in your pocket AND have amazing style.featured

Hey, everyone! So full disclosure, I am OBSESSED with thrift store shopping.  I am amazed at what people will part with. (Thankfully, they donate to a thrift store instead of tossing these things in the trash.) Although it works out well for me, because I have truly snagged so many amazing steals that I know I’ve saved hundreds of dollars and you know what? My family and I have some pretty amazing style.

I Also love sharing my thrift store hauls.  So, that is what I’m doing today.  I left the store today, and I could not wait to show off my haul.  It was dark when I took the pictures, so I apologize for that.  I just couldn’t wait!  See how insanely excited I get about this?!


I LOVE the thrill of finding amazing quality clothes and home goods, for next to nothing.  Yes, it takes some time to go through all the racks one hanger at a time, but so many of these types of stores have become much more organized. When I first started it was overwhelming. Nothing was organized by size, so it took FOREVER! If you’ve tried it once before and just couldn’t handle it, I urge you to try again.  They are much more user-friendly now.

I really do feel that it is the #1 penny-pinching habit that I personally benefit from.  I would rather wear used clothes and spend my hard earned money on real whole mostly organic food, then spend $80 on a pair of jeans and be stuck eating ramen noodles!  That is just MY personal balance.  To each their own.

Another huge point I must make, is how much waste is saved by shopping used.  You might not realize that many of our clothes are made from synthetic fabrics.  Polyester, spandex, nylon, and rayon are synthetic fabrics and they are non-biodegradable.  We are essentially wearing plastic!  It’s very hard and can be VERY expensive to purchase only non-synthetic fabrics.  The longer we can keep those materials out of landfills the better.

My goal for this post is to inspire those of you who are trying to pinch pennies or for people starting to implement simple thrifty living.

Alright then, pictured below is what I walked out of the store with and their tagged price.PicMonkey Collage (1) PicMonkey Collage

Pretty awesome right? Well, it get’s better.  My store runs discounts on certain colored tags.  That day BLUE tags were 50% off.  So, the jeans and the chevron shirt both had BLUE tags!  But wait, it still gets better.  At my store, every time you make a donation, no matter how big or small, they give you a coupon.   I had this coupon, which got me 25% off regular priced items. So, that means all the other items received that discount!  I bet you can’t guess what my grand total was…


Untitled (3)

That’s right.  Isn’t that amazing? (I admit I get a rush from scores like this.)

Before you go running to your nearest second-hand store, here are a few downsides to thrift store shopping I will disclose.

  • It takes time.  I was in the store for probably close to 2 hours and came walking out with 8 items.  Some might think that right there makes it not worth it.  I don’t mind it at all. It’s a fun thing that I make time to do, all by myself.
  • Another thrift store downer is when you have a day where you leave empty-handed.  There will be those days. Don’t get discouraged, though!
  • The next thing to note about is, when decision making, use extreme caution.  You really have to make sure what you’re buying will get used.  Just because it’s an AMAZING deal does not mean it should come home with you.
  • Lastly, you can’t go in with expectations of finding a certain item.  I have, on occasion, been lucky enough to have that happen, but it’s nothing you can count on.

006 013 014

Check out these cuties in their “new to them” duds. 🙂

A few other things worth mentioning is that most of these stores sell housewares and furniture too.   I’ve dabbled in refinishing a few small furniture pieces I’ve picked up there as well as books for my kids.  Also, my store buys a lot of Target’s overstock, which means I’ve gotten many BRAND NEW items at really awesome prices, like Threshold bathroom towels.

Well, if you’re not already a thrift store junky, like me, I hope I’ve inspired you to give it a try. If you’re already as hooked as I am, what was your favorite thrift store score? Please share!



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